2 Piece Telescopic Handled Terrarium Toolkit


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This 2 Piece Telescopic Handled Terrarium Toolkit really helps to get your green thumb going and on board with the popular and engrossing hobby of gardening on  a tiny scale indoors, outdoors or anywhere space is limited. All you will need is a container  and a set of tiny gardening tools for arranging landscapes, planting and working the soil just like in a full sized garden.

Terrariums can be created in any large jar or bottle, just let your imagination run wild! Whether you want to create a luscious rain forest garden, a miniature fairy hideaway or a sophisticated Zen landscape, terrariums are a great way to keep a living environment in miniature.

Designed in the Netherlands, this two piece set Terrarium Toolkit includes both a telescopic rake and shovel. The handles extend to 84cm.

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