If You Care Recycled Aluminium Foil


If You Care Aluminum Foil is made with 100% recycled aluminum.   Aluminum Foil protects food against light, oxygen, humidity and bacteria. while preserving nutritional  value and flavour. It is perfect cooking on the BBQ, grill, or for oven use.  Like traditional foil, it is not recommended for use with acidic foods.

10m x 29cm.

While traditional foil manufacturing is a power-intensive process, If You Care Alumnium Foil uses 95% less energy to produce.  Because there is no need to mine, production creates less waste, while reusing a precious resource.

Recycling 1kg of aluminium can save up to: 8kg of Bauxite (imported from Australia), 4kg of chemical products and 14,000 watts of electricty.


Aluminum Foil Attributes

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