Reusable Water Balloons


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Thought you’d never find a reusable water balloon that is more fun, more convenient and easier to use than its single-use plastic alternative?  Think again! Each time Reusable Water Balloons hit their target they release some of their water with a satisfying splat. Hours of outdoor summer fun with no mess – just pick your colour, dunk in a bucket and throw.

  • No queuing at the tap, balloons breaking when filling  or struggling to tie the balloons shut
  • Each balloon can be thrown 3-4 times before it needs re-charging
  • Soft on impact
  • The fun lasts longer as the balloons can be used over and over
  • No little bits of balloon to pick up at the end of the day – just squeeze them out and hang in the drying bag.

5 pack + dying bag

Made in Christchurch, NZ



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