Making Sure Children’s Face Paints Are Safe.

I have often wondered about the safety of face and body paint, these chemical concoctions we are putting near the eyes and mouths of our kids. My grand-kids just love them though with their power to take them out of themselves into the world of Tigers, or Princesses, or Praying Mantis’ – wherever their minds take them.

Boy with flower painted on his check
Boy with flower painted on his check

I’m not so keen – we have a history, face paint and I. Sole charge of my two year old granddaughter and she wanted to be green. In the nanosecond I turned away she painted her body and legs with non-staining face paint. The colour would not shift and she was green for some time. The parents were remarkably good about it but I felt the guilt until it eventually faded. So when it came to selecting a brand of face paint my criteria was pretty simple – it had to wash off well. Ideally is was to be as close to natural, non-toxic on skin and when swallowed, renewable and vegan.

There are several brands out there but Earth Natural Facepaint came the closest. It missed on vegan because it has beeswax in it. It’s not the cheapest by any means but after looking at what is available out there it came down to research and Precious World as a retailer having trust in the products we sell.

Trust is key here. Our research shows Natural Earth Paint and our NZ supplier are both reputable companies which share the same earth care ethos as we do. Face paint safety comes under the same legislation as cosmetics, which depends on both the manufacturer and supplier following the rules. In 2014 Consumer Magazine tested 15 face paint brands and found 10 did not comply with regulations. Some of the compliance was related to labelling, ingredients, and importation but far more dangerous faults were found in 2 products containing high levels of lead and antimony. Neither chemical should be allowed near a developing brain. With the continuing tidal wave of imports coming into New Zealand, cynically, I except the situation is now worse not better.

Trials on the already mentioned grand-kids showed the paints went on well and had a beautifully silky texture. I acknowledge Earth Natural products are not perfect because there are air miles from the US but until an equal product is available here we will continue to proudly stock this brand.

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